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Paid Ads Boost Burger Business CTR 50% – Case Study

In this case study, I will show you how can I increase Kai Burger CTR 50% using paid ads.

Kai Burger, which was founded in 2019, is Korea’s fastest-growing hamburger chain.

It has a number of outlets and is well-known for its high-quality standards.

The Major Challenges

  • Increasing brand recognition in Korea
  • Acquiring leads using online marketing
  • Making available deals more visible
  • Evaluate the impact of the display on brand exposure

The Solutions

It’s difficult to raise brand recognition, especially when you’re attempting to attract a certain demographic.

I implemented conversion tracking after work began.

The account was monitored using a variety of web analytics and AdWords data, while competition and market research was conducted in preparation for the next phase.

I restricted this campaign to Korea and adjusted it according to working time (Geo-Targeting).

This Google ads campaign enables immediate online sales and the capture of valuable consumer behavioral data.

Display Ads

For the banner ad, I promoted products on too many websites all over the internet. Every ad size and type has its own ad version.

I choose the placement targeting plan to target the right audience by choosing particular website URLs, such as food-related blogs as well as the most renowned informational sites.

I used the Google Display Network to run many campaigns, each with its own set of messaging and offers.

The Final Outcomes

Customers were monitored using re-targeting marketing strategies after the advertising brought traffic to the site.

And the numbers speak for themselves: by displaying adverts to users after they left a website, Google Ads income increased by 30%.

I adjusted the number of times ads were shown to users, allowing me to both attract new visitors and reconnect those who had previously visited the website.

Reko Ashikur Rahman


Reko Ashikur Rahman

Reko is a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer. Join Reko and 50k monthly readers on Imreko.com to learn how to start and develop your IT startup business. As a Head of Digital Marketing, Reko managed digital marketing teams for large IT companies.

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