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In order to produce outstanding SEO for business, I constantly update my strategies.

Local SEO

Optimize the site's GMB local rankings metrics to Increase higher rank and organic traffic on search results to attract more local clients.

International SEO

SEO projects with many languages are my specialty. By making the right advice to dominate SERPs, Scalable Business increases their visibility across international borders.

Guest Posting

Acquiring high-quality and relevant links that influence search rankings. Creating solid textual links to establish authority in order to rule the niche.

Ecommerce SEO

Improving your online store's ranking when customers search for your items and categories on SERPs is known as eCommerce SEO.

Technical SEO

Website auditing is the process of identifying and fixing all of the site's technical faults that may be picked up by web crawlers as indicators of poor quality.

Content Strategy

What makes companies outrank competitors is choosing the best keywords to create solid content structure & Topical Relevancy.

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Reko Asikur Rahman Your SEO Expert In Bangladesh

Reko Asikur Rahman

Your SEO Expert In

Want to rank better on Google? No issue. Just reach out to me.

I have experience in the World of SEO and have tested a number of ranking signals, so I know what is effective and what won’t work. I’ve worked with many small, medium, and large-scale companies in boosting their organic visibility and growth; now it’s my turn to assist your company in growing online.
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    • SEO Consultancy
    • Ask Me Anything
    • Get SEO Guideline
    • Solve Your Problems
    • Get Organic Traffic
    • Grow Your Business


    8 Hours Monthly

    • SEO Strategy
    • Create SEO Plan
    • Generate Organic Traffic
    • Long-term Strategy
    • Link Building Plan
    • Convert More Customers


    40 Hours Monthly

    • SEO Advisor
    • Build In-house SEO Team
    • Train SEO Team
    • Manage SEO Team
    • Get Proper Guidance
    • Grow Traffic & Leads

    Verifiable results

    SEO is a Continuous Process,
    and I Always Get It Right

    On-Page Optimization
    I work to make website optimization better so that users can easily see how it connects to their search.
    Keyword Research
    To ensure rankings are based on what people searching for, I use related terms based on user intent.
    Link Building

    In order to improve search rankings, I build relevant and high-quality authority text backlinks.

    Onsite Optimization

    We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

    Keyword Research

    We select themed keywords based on user-intent to solidify rankings based on what users searches

    Link Building

    We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

    How I do it

    Meet Your SEO
    Consultant Today

    1. Request a call

    Meet your SEO EXPERT who delivers leads and traffic rather than complaints. For your brand to experience growth, and a boost in traffic, sales, and clients, you need to have a solid strategy.

    2. Website Audits
    The best SEO expert in Bangladesh will analyze and review the design and functionality of your site in all areas applying Analytics and other resources.
    3. Custom Strategy
    Following the audit, a unique growth method called "From Positions to Authority" aims to raise the visibility of your website by utilizing natural trust signals
    4. The Management

    Once you hire me as a consultant, I'll help your in-house SEO team stay updated by sharing my knowledge and coaching them on how to best improve the website for search engine rankings.

    Experienced Digital Marketer Reko

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    What They Say About
    Reko A. Rahman?

    “Reko Asikur Rahman is a target-oriented professional, having great understanding of every digital marketing segmentation. He’s also a quick thinker, a fantastic team leader with superb management skills. He has always reached his goals on time. Best of luck.”

    Md. Abadul Islam,

    Software Engineer, BJIT


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    Frequent Questions

    What is the cost of SEO in Bangladesh?

    The rate of SEO services in Bangladesh varies based on the level of keyword competition and the amount of time it could take to rank. However, the fee covers all services necessary for ranking in Google's top positions, including top-notch SEO content writing.

    Who is the best SEO expert in BD?

    It is pretty challenging to say that I am the best SEO professional in Bangladesh.

    But you can evaluate a good SEO expert according to his previous projects and how he would be successful in becoming a brand in front of consumers. This entails ranking first on search engine results pages.

    Are you searching for the best SEO experts in Bangladesh?

    This will assist you in the best way possible because it contains all of the crucial features that Digital Agencies look for when hiring SEO experts.

    SEO professionals enable websites to constantly attract targeted visitors and convert them into customers.

    SEO experts understand all of the solutions required for a website to gain traffic and have an optimal online presence.

    Here is a brief description of an excellent SEO specialist who can match all of your needs:

    1. Inform all the different areas of specialization in SEO

    There are several areas of specialization within SEO, which is only a part of search engine marketing.

    Being knowledgeable about all the numerous SEO specializations is necessary to be an SEO expert.

    In order to correctly hire an SEO specialist, you must adhere to the requirements listed below.

    • Local search

    • On-page

    • Analytics

    • Mobile

    • Content development

    • Link building

    • Keyword development

    • Reputation management

    2. Practical Understanding of Additional Fields Required for SEO Experts

    • Creation and Modification of Websites

    • Content Creation and Alignment

    • Earning Linking

    3. Have proper knowledge of all three SEO levels

    • Technical SEO

    • On-page optimization

    • Off-page optimization

    4. An Established History of SEO Success

    A verified track record is essential for SEO success.

    There are various SEO methods available. It's another thing entirely to have satisfied customers.

    Anyone intending to engage an SEO consultant or company should contact at least three recent references to discuss how the SEO company assisted them in succeeding.

    When hiring an SEO specialist, clients prefer to request references and case studies in order to separate the leaders from the pack.

    They want to see actual outcomes and improvements from their connection with an SEO specialist that will justify their investment.

    5. Understanding the Big Picture and Knowing What Type of SEO Expert You Require

    • The capacity to fit into your company's culture- SEO professionals must interact with a wide range of business departments, including IT, customer care, marketing, sales, analytics, and so on.

    • What kind of SEO expert do you require? - In the world of SEO, there are two basic roles you can play: in-house and agency (including entrepreneur).

      There are innumerable nuances to every possibility, and you must be aware of all of them in order to be counted among the top-rated SEO specialists in Bangladesh.

    6. Understand the difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO practices

    • Some folks (white caps) want to be fruitful over time.

      White Hat SEO strategies protect the reputations of their companies and websites, and they work hard to achieve long-term success with truly respectable page ranks.

      On the other hand, black hat SEO practitioners blatantly exploit flaws in search engine ranking algorithms to deceitfully achieve better page rank than is normally warranted.

    • To be honest, these efforts do work from time to time.

      However, once the strategies and methods are discovered by search engines (and they spend significant resources on finding and combating this), sites using black hat procedures may be penalized.

      Search penalties can range from having their organic search results decreased to the bottom of search results lists.

      Furthermore, such sites' website domains can be permanently removed from search engines.

    • To be an SEO specialist, you must be knowledgeable of both black hat and white hat SEO tactics.

    7.Effective communication abilities

    When it comes to communication abilities, an SEO should be able to communicate effectively.

    The communication strategies and customer service standards of SEO professionals varies.

    You must choose someone whose technique is best suited to your requirements. Inquire whether the candidate likes to speak in person or over the phone, Skype, messaging, or email.

    Being aware of communication media and having excellent communication skills will undoubtedly benefit you.

    Why Hire me as your SEO Consultant?

    Will you hire the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh to increase your earnings from Google Search? Let's read the following technique:

    Establish Clear Expectations

    Search engine optimization is not so simple. Even if you hire the best SEO consultant in the world, none can guarantee that your web pages will rank well in search results.

    It is dependent on various circumstances, and the results are not always obvious right away.

    As I work on over 200 websites, I can understand the pathology of working on websites to get a better output.

    Set the Metrics

    You should discuss what will be discussed and what should be executed, according to my strategy.

    I will set reasonable measures to track once I understand your goal.

    I no longer utilize vanity metrics that do not equate to business growth.

    I will assist you in developing measurements that accurately reflect the results of SEO and transfer into more leads and customers for your company.

    Performance Driven

    I will go to whatever length to keep your company's website ranking high. This mindset promotes increased productivity and higher levels of performance.

    I will monitor the campaign's progress using analytics, rankings, and total return on investment.

    It’s a no-brainier – you want to hire the best search engine optimization expert to grow your revenue from Google Search.

    I am not the Kind of SEO expert who over-promises and deliver but can rather believe in setting the right approach, and strategy and making data-driven decisions to achieve desired results.

    I have proven experience as an SEO expert that can take your website and make it reach new heights.

    Absolutely everything that I have learned and practiced over the years I continue to implement my learning's day in and day out – ensuring that no stone is left un-turned when finding ways for your business to grow online.

    I understand the current situation of the website and then formulate a tailor-made SEO strategy that identifies all the current pain points & How to solve them.

    Every website is different and can’t be ranked with a similar approach.

    That is where my decade-long experience comes in with the right recommendations that can grow your website's organic Search visibility over a certain period of time.

    My mission is to get your website higher rankings, quality traffic, leads and grow your revenue.

    Why I'm the best seo expert in BD?

    Are you seeking a reliable SEO expert in Bangladesh? Who can get your website on the first page of Google search results or in a prominent position?

    If so, I am the best SEO expert in Bangladesh. I provide services in several places in Bangladesh. Let's discuss more:

    1. I can provide you with the best service to reach the top position on google search.

    2. I will assist you in dominating your niche market by optimizing your website SEO in accordance with the major search engines' modern and standard search engine ranking criteria.

    3. As the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, I work hard to provide my clients with the most viable organic SEO services.

    4. I approach each website differently, and I use distinct and enhanced search engine optimization tactics for each.

    5. I am proud to have one of the most important records for the successful delivery of Digital SEO marketing services in Bangladesh, with 200+ satisfied clients worldwide and a customer retention rate of 99%.

    Why Does you need SEO Expert?

    In today's competitive market, every business wants to reach the most number of customers possible, and SEO is the best way to do it.

    Here are the several reasons why every business should hire an SEO expert:

    Increasing Brand Awareness

    A successful SEO campaign will increase traffic to your website, and increase brand recognition for you and for us. I work with you to strengthen your brand's reputation. Brand awareness is important for:

    • Create a trustworthy impact on the customer's mind

    • People become interested in your products

    Get More Leads

    You can increase the number of organic leads for your company by engaging in SEO in Bangladesh. This will assist you:

    • To be aware of your targeted audience

    • Reduced the marketing cost

    • Help to understand your client's needs

    A Rise in Sales

    You will undoubtedly see a rise in sales when your website ranks well on the Google Search Engine Result Pages. It also:

    • Promote your products to lots of people

    • It also helps to generate a lot of revenue

    Help to get organic reach

    An SEO expert also helps to make an organic reach to your targeted traffic. He creates a lot of ways to spread your brand name over the world. It helps:

    • To make brand credibility

    • To boost your sales

    Should I hire an expert to do SEO?

    Yeah of course! For SEO, you must hire experts. Because SEO is a technique that changes quickly, you need experts like me, who remains up to date with every Google update. As SEO needs teamwork, you must choose an individual that has a team with a successful track record.

    How long does SEO take?

    The time it takes for SEO to produce results depends on three factors. This is affected by the competition, inbound links, and content.

    It's also one of the most difficult questions to answer because, despite clients' understandable need for a clear response, there isn't any way to do so given the number of factors at play.

    This is due to the fact that, in addition to all of the elements that are taken into account while optimizing your own website, you must also take into account the optimization efforts of your rivals.

    That range is based on three key variables that determine how long your SEO will take, which are:

    • Competition

    • Inbound links

    • Content

    It's crucial to note that there is no set formula for answering this issue, not even with the evidence supporting these factors.

    Moreover, 82% of the professional digital marketer surveyed said that it typically takes 6 months for SEO to generate traffic.

    Good SEO tactics take 12 to 24 months to fully manifest their effects.

    Expect your SEO results to increase over time as your rankings rise, as 75.1% of traffic comes from the top 3 pages of Google.

    The vast majority of the SEO professionals we spoke with concur that you should start seeing satisfying results within 6 to 12 months.

    According to our experience, it can take anywhere between three months and more than a year to see noticeable results, depending on the starting website, the caliber of the material, and the level of generic competition in the niche.

    Around six months would be the typical period.

    How many backlinks my website needed?

    You might wonder, "How many backlinks do I need to rank?" when it comes to creating links to your website. and "Are links from more high authority websites better than ones from fewer?"

    It's difficult to argue against the value of having lots of links.

    The Search Engine Optimization climate has evolved.

    In comparison to a few years ago, search engines can now more easily detect the significance of connections and spot unnatural links, making quality far more crucial than quantity.

    Despite the fact that having many links is good, this strategy might be problematic, especially if they aren't obtained naturally.

    Because of this, SEO experts are now concentrating on acquiring high-quality backlinks.

    What's the benefit of Hiring SEO Expert?

    The field of search engine optimization is intricate and dynamic.

    To ensure that your website is always compliant with the newest algorithms, it is advised to use the services of a professional SEO business.

    You're also far more likely to get the greatest results on search engine results pages if you follow the most recent algorithms.

    Save Money

    Paying millions of dollars for SEO services is unnecessary!

    There are several companies in the area that can offer you SEO services that are both reasonable and successful.

    One of the best returns on investment, according to research, is SEO. Additionally, the rise of consumer loyalty and brand recognition will be advantageous for you.

    Save Time

    We are all aware that operating a business requires a lot of time and involves numerous duties and commitments.

    Do you actually have the time to handle all of your business with help of SEO and social media marketing?

    Employing a seasoned SEO service will allow you to concentrate on the parts of your company where you thrive while leaving the SEO to the pros!

    In-depth Reports

    With the assistance of a qualified SEO expert in Bangladesh, you'll maintain control over your SEO success due to the availability of thorough data showing your development over time.

    These reports will let you know what is and is not working so that you may determine where improvements need to be made.

    Enhanced Traffic and Visibility

    Increasing website exposure and traffic is one of the most obvious benefits of working with an SEO agency.

    SEO companies are aware of how to raise your search engine ranks, which will boost website traffic.

    To do this, they will thoroughly analyze both your website and that of your competitors. They will then create a strategy that will work to improve your rankings.

    To enhance your web presence, they might conduct a high-quality link development approach.

    To raise your ranks and draw more people, they'll also utilize keywords and keyword phrases.

    Constant Support

    Professionals in SEO not only offer you their services but also their backing.

    You've got a query about your most recent marketing plan, right? All of your questions can be solved by speaking with your SEO staff.

    Improved ROI

    Making use of an SEO company can also help you increase your return on investment (ROI).

    An expert SEO service will assist you in determining which of your marketing campaigns is producing the best return on investment so that they can concentrate their efforts on those ones.

    After using this data, you may decide more wisely which marketing initiatives to fund moving forward.

    Stay On Top

    SEO is always changing. Being aware of trends and algorithm updates is one of the most crucial components of SEO because techniques that were successful a month ago might not be today.

    Many businesses don't have the time that SEO agencies do to devote to study and trend monitoring.

    Qualities to look for in an SEO expert?

    Some studies help us learn more about the fundamental requirements for an SEO specialist.

    In the following sections, you may learn about the qualifications and skills that the SEO expert you plan to engage must possess.

    You will be able to assess and verify the hiring procedure for your company and website in this way.

    Required Experience of the SEO Expert

    Although SEO appears to be a task that anybody can complete, there are certain crucial considerations that SEO experts must keep in mind.

    Although experience is absolutely required for every job, it is also crucial for SEO.

    Your website will be able to grow more and be more suitable for SEO at the same time when the SEO professional you plan to engage has enough experience.

    The Capacity to Use the Four Necessary Tools

    There are four essential tools that the SEO professional you intend to hire must be able to use.

    • SEMrush

    • Ahrefs

    • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

    • SEOprofiler

    Marketing Expertise

    Understanding the fundamentals of marketing and marketing tactics will enable you to create strategies that work.

    While having a solid understanding of marketing will set you apart from your competitors, it is also crucial for every business and organization.

    You will be able to identify your company's advantages, disadvantages, chances, and risks if your SEO expert has marketing expertise.

    This study will enable you to determine what has to be improved and how to outperform your rivals in the market.

    Skills in Communication

    The major processes, tactics, and goals that your company will pursue can be demonstrated by SEO specialists that are good communicators.

    Communication abilities are crucial for every organization.

    It is also necessary for SEO because you need to be certain that the person you are working with is making an effort to comprehend you and effectively respond to you.

    The SEO expert in Bangladesh must correctly comprehend your message and respond to you in accordance with the messages you sent.

    Critical Evaluation

    We all know that even important things on the internet are subject to change. Technology is constantly evolving, so keeping up with such changes is really important.

    The SEO specialist you intend to hire must be capable of critical thought and keep up with the new developments they may encounter in the future.

    They will be able to preserve the website's health in this way.

    Data Analysis

    The most crucial and essential component of SEO is data analysis.

    The data must be completely understood by the SEO experts before they can begin to use them to simultaneously increase the effectiveness and success of your website.

    Utilizing data will provide you the chance to outperform your competitors.

    You will be able to directly observe the effects of data analysis on your website's ranks and rates when the best SEO specialist you plan to engage has sufficient data analysis skills.

    Developing User Experience

    Understanding user experience (UX) will have a direct impact on the website's ratings and rankings.

    In addition to being able to receive daily increases in traffic, you will also see an increase in visits, visitors, and clicks.

    To create a better and more user-friendly website for your visitors and users, user experience is necessary.

    Visitors will be able to spend more time on your website and engage in additional sessions if you provide an easy-to-use website.

    You will be able to increase the number of visitors, clicks, and traffic this way. Additionally, you'll be able to lower the bounce rate.

    Technological and Technical Skills

    There is more of a need for technical and technological skills than for SEO expertise.

    In comparison to everyone else on the internet, they must be more knowledgeable.

    Nearly all social networking sites, well-liked programs, and additional tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush, and Ahrefs have required knowledge for SEO experts.

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