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New Brand Case Study – Launching With Digital Marketing

This is a new brand case study that is launching with complete digital marketing strategy.

Disorder – The Company is a clothing, lifestyle-oriented apparel brand located in Birmingham that focuses on formal wear.

The CBZ group is introducing its unique collection with this brand.

New brand case study

Preparing For Launch

With a new website, Disorder (the brand’s e-commerce website) did not automatically rank #1 into a search engine for organic searches.

Even though, organic visibility was absolutely essential to the company; for promotions like this one.

But it’s necessary to capture sales revenue from brand name searches as cheaply as possible.

As well as the desire to prevent incurring pay-per-click costs like “low hanging fruit”— that is, users searching for “branded” terms or related high-intent key phrases.

That plays a big role in making sure a good start.

This was my goal while optimizing as many on-page ranking indicators as possible on the website prior to launch, followed by the development of a strong social media presence.

And the publishing of high-quality content in order to rapidly create a strong backlink portfolio.

When starting out, it was critical to have a high search engine ranking in order to get the most return on investment from any and all marketing amount spent, offline or online.

As a solution, I placed a high priority on optimizing on-page ranking factors while continuously performing a paid search ad to prevent any missed opportunities for client acquisition.

Creating a Splash with Social Media

It’s really not a secret that social media is the preferred digital marketing medium among fashion advertisers, especially the people in relevant demographic categories.

As a consequence, these people are regularly flooded with fashion-related content, making it tough for new marketers to stand out.

This is extremely tough for small to mid-size brands like Disorder, who frequently find themselves fighting for the same customers’ attention, well-known brands with strong brand value and huge budgets.

As a response, while creating the primarily targeted customers for the promotion, it was important to be careful with the targeting criteria applied, prioritizing lifestyle-attitude, fashion-forward users in high-income and located in metropolitan areas.

Re-target marketing to the social media audience who interacted with the starting content also helped the brand to stay top-of-mind with prospective customers, resulting in an ongoing funnel that produced follow-up sales mostly after the brand’s launching date.

Fast Revenue with Paid Search

Because the brand’s site was fully new, so there was little chance that it might rank as the top search result on its targeted keywords, except branded term.

Though, I worked on minimizing this as much as I could by assuring that on-page ranking indicators were perfect and using media releases and content marketing to begin building backlinks.

I performed an AdWords campaign to ensure that people who had heard about the brand — either through offline or online promotion — could simply discover the brand’s website to place an order.

I carefully managed bids to maintain a balance between profitability and the highest impressions.

This campaign might also support the business in attracting new customers who are unfamiliar with the brand and still buying.

Due to the premium pricing of the clothes, Google Shopping ads with the pricing mentioned were used to reduce click wastage.

Reko A. Rahman
Reko A. Rahman

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