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A Facebook Ads Case Study - 200% Increase in Conversions

Our client is a small e-commerce business that sells handcrafted jewelry. They had been in business for two years and had a decent following on social media, but they were struggling to drive sales and increase their ROI.

They had tried Facebook Ads in the past but saw little success, and they were hesitant to invest more money into advertising.

Campaign Objective:

Our objective was to help the client increase their online sales and improve their ROI by launching a successful Facebook Ads campaign.

Facebook Ads Case Study

Campaign Strategy:

We began by identifying the client’s target audience and developing a detailed buyer persona to help us create relevant ad content.

We then crafted a Facebook Ads campaign that consisted of several ad sets targeting specific interests and behaviors related to the client’s buyer persona.

We also made sure to create visually stunning ad content that showcased the client’s unique jewelry designs. We utilized high-quality images and engaging ad copy to capture the attention of potential customers.

To improve our campaign’s performance, we constantly monitored and adjusted our ad sets based on the metrics we gathered.

We tested different ad formats and creatives, making data-driven decisions to optimize the campaign for conversions.

Additionally, we utilized Facebook’s retargeting capabilities to target users who had previously interacted with the client’s website or Facebook page.

We created a custom audience of people who had added items to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase, and targeted them with retargeting ads to encourage them to finish their purchase.

Campaign Results:

Our Facebook Ads campaign was a huge success, resulting in a 200% increase in conversions and a 150% increase in ROI for the client.

The client’s website traffic increased by 50%, and their average cost per click decreased by 20%.

Furthermore, our retargeting efforts proved successful, resulting in a 30% increase in cart completions for those who had previously abandoned their cart.

We were able to help the client reach their target audience, improve their brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales.


Our Facebook Ads campaign was a huge success for our client, resulting in a significant increase in conversions, ROI, and overall business success.

By creating targeted ad content, constantly monitoring performance, and utilizing retargeting strategies, we were able to achieve the client’s goals and provide measurable results.

The client was thrilled with the results and has continued to work with us on other digital marketing projects.

Reko A. Rahman
Reko A. Rahman

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