How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike? A Step-by-Step Mastering Guide

Knowing how to wheelie a dirt bike is not only entertaining and cool-looking, but it can also help you get through and over some tricky and otherwise difficult situations. 

How To Wheelie a Dirt Bike

To get over logs, cross streams, and challenge rutted or uneven terrain while trail riding, you must be able to pop the front wheel up.

Because this is a practical matter, I will give you some important information for the actual field effort. So, read this guide and enjoy your ride!

What Is Wheelie?

The front wheel of your motorcycle is lifted off the ground during a wheelie by applying enough torque to the rear wheel.

Wheelies can be very helpful when riding off-road to get around smaller obstacles like tree branches or to get away from the police in Baltimore, as was already said.

How To Wheelie A Dirt Bike? 

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of performing this stunt from a standstill. Doing a wheelie may appear to be as simple as pressing the throttle hard and fast and balancing, but you have to follow several steps in the correct order to avoid bailing:

Step 01: Keep the perfect body position 

Dirt bike wheelies are fun and look great, but they can also help you get through tough situations.

When riding on a trail, you have to pop the front wheel to get over logs, streams, and rough or uneven ground. Keep your chest in line with the gas tank slope to start a dirt bike wheelie.

Additionally, keep your elbows slightly bent to prevent unintentionally pulling on the throttle when your front wheel finally lifts.

Whether you’re performing a standing wheelie or a seated wheelie, this puts you in a strong position to use your core muscles to keep your balance on the bike.

It also strengthens your control of the bike if you hug the tank with your legs.

Identifying your balance point is crucial. It will be especially challenging to lift the front wheel if you lean too far forward.

It might be harmful because it offers a high center of gravity.


  • chest parallel to the fuel tank
  • Always bending elbows
  • Legs around the tank, 
  • throttle in the right hand, 
  • The rear brake pedal on the left foot
  • Keep your center of gravity steady.

Step 02: Grip The HandleBar

Always keep your hands firmly gripping the handlebar grips and never let go.

The reason for firmly gripping the handlebars is to avoid accidentally letting go and bailing out when the bike suddenly jerks up during a wheelie.

When you finally lift the front wheel, you will have excellent control over the throttle.

This may appear to be the simplest step, but it is also the most crucial. To begin a wheelie, find a comfortable position where you can grip the handlebars with full hand strength. 

For me, it would be to lean forward slightly with my elbows perpendicular to the ground. This will also make it easier to get the front wheel up later.

Make sure to grab each grip tightly with the entire span of your hand. This will give you more control over the bike.


  • You need to keep control of the bike during the stunt.
  • Use two hands to grasp
  • Keep the meat of the grips in place.
  • Hold firmly but not with a death grip.

Step 03: Change To The Highest Torque Gear

Torque is required to lift the bike’s and your own weight off the front tire.

Remember that torque is pulling power, and we want to pull the bike’s front end upwards.

Due to the increased power being applied to the lift, more torque makes the task of lifting the wheel off the ground much simpler.

The first gear will typically have the most torque. It is the largest gear in the transmission, and meshes with a smaller gear in the front sprocket to produce low speed but high torque when it is engaged.


  • The most torque is always in the first gear.
  • Remove the clutch.
  • Go into first gear.

Step 04: Pull The Into rear Wheel 

You can either do this while standing up or while sitting down.

To maintain balance during stand-up wheelies, more arm and body movement may be necessary.

Fundamentally speaking, a stand-up wheelie ought to be steadier than a sit-down wheelie.


  • Turn your head backward
  • Arms extended in front of you but slightly bent
  • The pegs with your feet.

Step 05: Turn Off The Clutch

You must release the clutch so that your engine can reach the proper RPM without sending power to the rear wheel when you open the throttle.

When the clutch is disengaged, no power is sent to the rear wheel. You should now release the clutch lever. You must “engage the clutch” by pulling out the clutch lever in order to send engine power through the clutch to the rear wheel.

When you reengage the clutch, the rear wheel will spin more quickly the higher the RPM.


  • Put the clutch in to keep the rear wheel powered.
  • Release the clutch to send power to the back wheel.

Step 06: Open The Throttle And Engage The Clutch

Power up! With a lot of engine power, we want to catch the back wheel. The front wheel will be raised as a result of the sudden acceleration caused by this.

As you release the clutch, open the throttle quickly until the engine revs to a high RPM. Once it does, release the clutch again quickly.

The front wheel will “jump” up as a result, and the bike will then only be propelled by the rear wheel. Hence, “wheelie” was coined.

In essence, you start the bike as normal and then give it more gas to put more power on the back wheel.

Once your tank and handlebars are experiencing nice, smooth vibrations, open the throttle.

This indicates that once you engage the clutch, the bike is at the proper RPM to throw the front upward.

But be careful—too much throttle will cause your dirt bike brands to slam you.

You’ll move forward without turning if you use too little throttle.


  • open the throttle to a sufficient RPM (but not too high)
  • Throw the clutch lever outright.

Tips For Beginner 

  • Don’t get going too quickly. It’s best to start at the bottom of the second or third.
  • Don’t lean or sit too far back.
  • You use your body position and the throttle, not your arms, to raise the handlebars.
  • You won’t succeed on your first attempt. However, with time, you will improve.
  • You get better the more you practice.
  • Instead of attempting to hit the balancing point right away, I advise working your way up to it.
  • Put on sturdy gloves, boots, a helmet, knee pads, and riding chaps.

Things To Remember Before Wheelie 

Practice wheelies in a space free of vehicles, dogs, or young children to trample.

Make sure there is room to the left, to the right, and dead ahead. When attempting this trick, wear protection.

Practice first by performing the steps slowly without making any significant changes. As you sag back in your chair, simulate popping up on the bike.

Once you feel confident that you have it down, accelerate a bit and practice the wheelie. If it starts to feel like too much, press the brake. From there, you can progress until you are assured of your wheelie skills.

Which Dirt Bike Would Be the Best for Wheelies? 

Here’s an expanded version suitable for a blog post:

“Electric dirt bikes are an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered dirt bikes and are great for off-road adventures. 

For those who love to show off their skills and do wheelies, finding the right electric dirt bike is crucial. 

However, with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know which one is the best for wheelies.

After researching and evaluating various electric dirt bikes, we’ve found the best machine for wheelies. It would depend on individual preferences and riding styles. 

Here are three electric dirt bikes that stand out in terms of performance and suitability for wheelies:

KTM Freeride E-XC – This best dirt bike is known for its exceptional handling and balance, making it easy to perform wheelies with confidence. 

It also features a powerful motor that delivers enough torque to pull off some impressive wheelies.

Zero Motorcycles MX – The Zero MX is a high-performance electric dirt bike that offers a smooth and responsive ride.

It’s easy to do wheelies and other tricks on because it’s light and has a high-tech suspension system.

Alta Motors Redshift MX – This electric dirt bike is designed for professional riders who demand the best performance. 

Its light frame and strong motor make it great for wheelies, and its advanced suspension system makes it easy to control and stable.


I’d like to end by warning you to exercise caution when performing wheelies. As was previously stated, avoid performing wheelies on streets or public roads, as this is dangerous and will likely result in legal issues.

Before you move on to more difficult skills, like performing wheelies, make sure you are comfortable with the fundamentals of riding a dirt bike.

Don’t forget to take safety precautions by wearing dirt bike safety gear while performing a wheelie.

I hope that this article on how to wheelie a dirt bike fulfills your demand and benefits you.


What is a wheelie, and why do people do it on dirt bikes?

A wheelie is when you lift the front wheel of your dirt bike off the ground! People do it to show off their skills and have extra fun during rides.

Can I learn to wheelie on my kid's dirt bike?

Yes, you can! But first, ask a grown-up or a dirt bike expert to teach you. It's important to start slow and practice in a safe, open area.

Is it easy to do a wheelie on a dirt bike?

It might take some practice, but you can do it! Start by learning the basics, like finding the right balance, and soon you'll be a wheelie pro!

Do I need special gear to do a wheelie?

Always wear your safety gear – a cool helmet, gloves, and goggles. Safety gear makes you look like a wheelie superhero and keeps you protected while having fun!

Can I wheelie on any type of dirt bike?

You can try wheelies on some dirt bikes, but it's best to ask a grown-up or a dirt bike expert. They'll help you pick the right bike and teach you how to do wheelies safely.

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