Best Dirt Bike Reviews In 2023 – Wonderful Riding Experience

Looking for a dirt bike? Not to be concerned. I’m here to help you find the best dirt bike for your money.


Best Trail Bike


Massimo Warrior

These dirt trail models are ideal for beginners learning the technique to get a better experience.

Best Dual Bike

X-PRO Hawk

X-PRO Hawk

The X-PRO Hawk 150cc dual-sport bikes provide an excellent riding experience for both experts and beginners.

Best Enduro Bike

Apollo_DB-X18--preview (1)

Apollo DB-X18

The Apollo DB-X18 125CC RFZ Racing Enduro Dirt Bikes are the best dirt bikes for kids and adults who want to ride safely.

Best for Motocross

X-PRO 50cc

X-PRO 50cc

With the 50cc 2-stroke powerful torque, these motocross bikes are designed to prevent overheating.

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You know better a dirt bike is designed intended for off-road riding as well as you can join in any competition with this bike.

It must be vital to acquire bikes of high quality, to achieve the best performance in your competition.

According to my experience, I have compiled a list of the best dirt bike brands and models based on my personal experience.

So, let’s enjoy the whole guide to get a clear concept and find the best dirt bike. 

Types Of Dirt Bike

Dirt bikes, often known as off-road motorbikes, are grouped into several varieties based on their characteristics and intended riding styles.

I explain the most common dirt bike models and the kinds of riders they are most suited for below.

The different types of dirt bikes are:

  1. Trial Dirt Bike
  2. Dual Sport Bike
  3. Enduro Bike
  4. Motocross Bike
  5. Adventure Dirt Bike
  6. Child Dirt Bike
  7. Electric Dirt Bike


Trail Dirt Bike

A trail dirt bike is a low-cost, lightweight dirt bike designed for riding on trails. The trail bike is user-friendly and simple to maintain. It is also less expensive because of its basic approach to technology and functionality.

You will get a lower seat position so that the beginner touch the ground easily from the bike. The fuel tank of these bikes are always tiny, around 1-2 gallons because they are not built for long travel.

1. Massimo Motor Warrior200 Trail Dirt bikes

The Massimo Motor Warrior 200 mini-trail bike is made for children and adults. These dirt trail models are perfect for novices to learn the technique.

m Massimo

This trail dirt bike has a stunning appearance, which attracts people easily.

The 196 cc engine power and 25 MPH speed give you an excellent thrill when trail riding. These dirt bikes allow up to 240 pounds for perfect riding.

The low seat height makes it easy for you to operate the bike wherever you go.

You also get the additional features of a chain guard, an exhaust heat shield, and a gas tank in the original style with this bike for various purposes.



  • You can comfortably use the bike in anywhere whether it’s home or ranch because of its steel frame and larger rugger tires. As a beginner, you shouldn’t go long for a tour, so this can be the best dirt bike to ride in your surrounding.
  • The small size of the tires makes the bike less height from the ground which gives given an extra advantage to the novice. And the hydraulic and rear brakes will permit you to risk-free riding.
  • keep in mind that, a trail bike always consists of a tinny fuel tank. As this is just for beginners, the manufacturer made the tank for 1-2 gallons.
  • The sturdy braking system will give you risk-free riding.

My Experience

This bike is fantastic, came with specific guidance, and is simple to assemble mudguards were added to keep the engine clean.

It has no suspension and only with the front brake.

A little plastic pin secures the drive sprocket to the crank.

This bike is easy to install. You can easily attach the handlebars, attach the rear fender and inflate the front tire.

The bike has a stylish classic appearance thanks to its adjustable handlebars and headlamp.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike


  • Sturdy braking system
  • Gorgeous looking
  • Easy installation
  • Hydraulic braking system


  • Small oil tank
  • No suspensor attached
  • Only front braking is available

2. Coleman Powersports 

The Coleman POWERSPORTS Trail200U-AB (CT200U-AB) is dependable, and reasonably priced off-road trail mini bike that will transport an adult back in time.

Coleman Powersports CT200U-AB Mini Bike for Adults

This mini dirt bike offers years of trail fun for the whole family. 

You will get this dirt bike with proper assembly, which will allow you to go for any ride after getting the bike.

  • This road bike is ideal for adult and young riders. If you’re a newbie, you can enjoy the bike comfortably.
  • It exist low-pressure tires to make the ride more comfortable and stable.
  • This bike is suitable for anyone aged 13 and up, with a load capacity of 200 pounds and a clearance of 5. 5 inches.
  • You can easily start the bike with its pull-start function.
  • Handlebar-operated braking systems have been used by manufacturers of these dirt bikes.

  • It is a fuel-efficient bike with a top speed of 20 mph that allows you to run all day.

  • If you need storage racks, you can get them at your local market.

My Experience

I’ve had my minibike for about a month and have put it to excellent use.

It performs and handles admirably on and off the road.

I’ve upgraded it and want to remove the governor shortly.

My friend has one as well, and we have a lot of fun riding together.

Without any modifications, it is quite slow at 20 mph.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike

Like :

  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple controlling process
  • More comfortable and stability
  • Pull start option

Dislike :

  • Small fuel tank
  • Not enough speed for adult


Dual sport dirt bikes

Dual-sport motorcycles are dirt bikes that can be ridden from your garage to a specific area and returned.

Dual-sport bikes have been increasingly popular in recent years. Consequently, there are more options than ever before.

Most of these street-legal dirt bikes are high-performance vehicles that resemble cross-country motorcycles and come in variants made by individual manufacturers.

Other dual-sport motorcycles, on the other hand, have smaller displacement engines, less capable suspension, and are heavier.

It can still do the job for inexperienced riders.

3. X-PRO Hawk 150cc Adults

The X-PRO Hawk 150cc dual-sport bikes give you the proper riding experience, whether you are an expert or a novice.

X-PRO Hawk 150cc Adults Dirt Bike Pit Bike Youth Dirt Pit

The 4-stroke engine system doesn’t require any liquid fuel. You can just fill it with gas and start riding.


  • The huge 19″ front and 16″ rear tires provide excellent speed and traction. It makes this bike ideal for off-road riding.
  • You will get extra comfort from the adjustable mono-shock
  • It is a bit small, but it would be fine for playing around. It’s simple to assemble.
  • The adjustable rear mono-shock adds comfort when riding on rough terrain.
  • It will keep you safe while pushing the limits of your 149cc Dirt Bike.
  • The 4-Stroke engine eliminates the need for perplexing fluid mixing.

My Experience

First off, I’m 220 pounds and 6 feet tall, and I can do wheelies on this bike. It’s a quick and fun little bike that I bought for my wife and daughter.

It’s a bit small for me, but it would be fine for playing around. It’s simple to assemble.

It comes with a small toolkit and an idle screw adjustment, and all the components are packaged in a box.

After all, this dirt bike makes me happy and gives me a great riding experience.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike

Like :

  • Simple to assemble
  • Simple controlling process
  • comfortable and stability
  • 4-stroke engine

Dislike :

  • Small fuel tank

Enduro Bike

Enduro dirt bikes combine the long-travel suspension of an off-road motocross bike with reliable, long-distance-capable engines.

Enduro dirt bikes may be equipped with large petrol tanks for extended range so that you can enjoy your ride over long distances.

4. X-Pro Hawk 250 Enduro Dirt Bikes

Hawk 250 Enduro dirt bike is a stylish bike with outstanding performance for excellent riding.

X-PRO Hawk 250 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Bike Dirt Bike Enduro

You will get high traction with this bike because of its wheel combination. The ideal-sized wheel provides you with a more comfortable riding experience.

  • The motocross-style seat is relatively low, and comfy, and it gives the rider the most range of motion.

  • Dirt bikes require assembly, including the mounting brackets for the handlebars, wheels, brakes, number plate, and fender.

  • This motorcycle has an additional kill switch safety feature that allows riders of all ages to turn off the engine whenever they want. This feature is essential and beneficial in an emergency.
  • The bicycle stops more quickly than traditional brake systems, making it safer to ride.
  • This bike is ideal for experts due to its high-performance hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Kick Start/Electric Start is an excellent backup option for any unforeseen circumstances because you can start it easily.

My Experience

My son wanted to start riding dirt bikes with me, so I began looking for a low-cost option for us.

I discovered the Pro Hawk on Amazon. I got the bike a week after I ordered it.

The assembling process is not difficult, but it takes four hours to properly complete with the help of two people to attach the tires and raise the suspensor.

This is a fantastic first bike; earlier in the week, I had never even shifted a 10-speed bike.

However, with a little research and assistance from a knowledgeable buddy, I was able to securely handle the Hawk in about 30 minutes, riding at approximately 15 mph in first gear.

After almost three hours, I felt more confident and in control, changing into second and third gear.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike

Like :

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Simple installation process
  • Multiple starting options
  • Secure handle control system

Dislike :

  • No instruction guide available

5. Apollo DB-X18 125CC RFZ

The Apollo DB-X18 125CC RFZ Racing Enduro Dirt Bikes are the best dirt bikes for youth and adults for riskless driving.


This street bike’s Twin steel frame increases its durability and ease of use.

For obtaining fast speed, you will receive a 4-speed manual clutch with associated kick start features.


  • The 4 manual clutches allow for getting better speed for a professional rider. You will get a 320mm non-adjustable starter mode.
  • This dirt bike manufacturer added Twin Spare Heavy Duty Steel frame-Kick start in this bike to get better durability.
  • The 34″ seat height gives you greater comfort when riding and allows you to touch the ground with your legs.
  • You may jump on the ground owing to the front wheel suspension.
  • You will get 55 mph, which is comfortable for an experienced rider.
  • This bike has a rare front and rear hydraulic disc brake that gives you proper braking control for a safe ride.

My Experience

This is a fantastic-looking bike. It operates excellently, and the assembly was not difficult.

My friend bought this bike for his child to learn how to ride.

The young boy learns to handle the bicycle sometime after he begins riding, and after one week, he is able to ride the bicycle correctly.

So, the bike’s many important features make it one of the best dirt bikes.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike

Like :

  • Heavy Duty Steel frame
  • Comfort sitting arrangement
  • Suspension

Dislike :

  • Insecure tires

Motocross bikes

Off-road motorcycle racing, known as “motocross,” takes place on enclosed off-road tracks. Motorcycle trial contests held in the UK gave rise to the sport.

Motocross, sometimes known as “MX,” is a type of dirt-bike racing in which riders race on off-road courses such as gravel, mud, or grassy roads.

Motocross isn’t just about competing against other riders; the road itself has numerous difficulties to overcome.

6. X-PRO 50cc Dirt Bike 

Moto Pro manufactures this 50cc motocross bike to give an excellent feeling when you ride in your free time.

X-PRO 50cc Dirt Bike Gas Dirt Bike Pit Bikes Dirt Pitbike with

This motocross bike comes with gloves, goggles, and a face mask as an added benefit for the rider.

  • These motocross bikes are designed to prevent overheating with the 50cc 2-stroke powerful torque. For this two-stroke dirt bike, a 20:1 or 25:1 engine oil-to-fuel ratio is required.
  • These off-road motorcycles have a stunning appearance that can draw attention from the public.
  • The maximum speed of this bike is 25 mph, which is perfect for safe riding for your baby.
  • The frame is 100% manipulator welded with extreme precision and accuracy. These features can boost the bike’s stability and rigidity.
  • This is the best motocross bike for its upgrade engine system with a pull start that gives the bike better control and handling.
  • High-quality rear shock absorption, increased strength, and increased stability provide your child with a comfortable and safe riding experience.
  • The front and rear brakes of this bike offer better-stopping power than other motocross bikes.

My Experience

I bought the bike for my children, both of whom are 6 and 9 years old.

It was really simple to assemble the bike.

They’ve never ridden before, so this is a great way to get them used to the sensation. They dumped it several times, but nothing broke off.

If you’re concerned about speed, you can easily change the throttle to prevent it from going too quickly.

It is very simple to ignite and fire on the first or second pull. So far, it’s been an excellent buy.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike

Like :

  • Easy installation
  • Upgrade engine
  • Better controlling
  • Front and rear braking system

Dislike :

  • Don’t have proper guideline


7. X-PRO Titan DLX 250cc

The X-PRO Titan DLX has a 223 cc Zongshen engine, which is more expensive but more reliable, powerful, and has a longer lifespan.

xpro titans


  • This off-road motorcycle has a 5-speed manual transmission that enables fast speeds for experienced riders.
  • These 18 inches wheels give you extra comfort for easy riding
  • This bike’s entire frame is lighter and stronger, which gives a longer service life.
  • This dirt bike is attached with Odometer to control the speed and Rear View Mirrors to see the backside
  • This bike is available in orange color which makes it more attractive.
  • The suspension of this dirt bike permits you to over 45mph with no jerk.
  • This bike is built with high-strength steel and precision welding.
  • This DLX model includes a headlight, taillight, and turn signal indicator.
  • This bike’s plastic components offer good strength, flexibility, and durability.

My Experience

Overall, I’m quite pleased with the bike; it started right away. It runs perfectly and arrived in fantastic condition.

The front fender had some minor scrapes. Excellent low-end power.

If you’re a novice or just looking for a bike to ride around the trails, this is a great option.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike


  • Available Odometer and rearview mirror
  • Headlight, taillight, and turn signal indicator
  • High-quality
  • Light-weight


  • Cheap carburetor


Adventure Dirt Bike

Adventure bikes were formerly little more than status symbols for the road-riding elite. There is now a growing movement that demands actual off-road capability.

Off-road-oriented manufacturers such as Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Husqvarna, Suzuki, and Yamaha are joined by others who have unlocked the code for off-road performance in the 2021 crop of adventure bikes.

Off-road touring bikes are available from BMW, Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, MV Agusta, and even Ural. Here are a few that are worth a look

8. Razor Dirt Rocket Electric 

Razor has symbolized the spirit of freedom and fearless pleasure.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross

These dirt bikes are professionally designed by action sports athletes to offer the finest quality and performance, whether they are used for commuting or enjoyment.

  • The MX 350 dirt bike can comfortably accommodate riders aged 13 and older who weigh up to 64 kg.
  • It has a maximum speed of 14 mph and can be used continuously for 30 minutes.
  • This bike is equipped with a 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid rechargeable battery system.
  • The Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket helps riders 13+ step up their off-road adventures by fusing elite electric-powered performance with authentic motocross styling.
  • You may ride on any surface, from muddy to soft dirt, using pneumatic knobby tires.
  • Additionally, these tires offer the highest level of performance and support for effortless trail riding.
  • These dirt bikes provide excellent handling control and more riding power thanks to their chain drive.
  • Your safety for speed control is ensured by the handle-operated rear brake.

My Experience

I’ve had a variety of electric small dirt bikes, including the mx500.

If you’re searching for the best dirt bike, this is it. I really like the throttle safety feature. You may both give it gas and hang on at the same time.

My boys and I all enjoy it. It’s simple to put together, has a long battery life, and handles well on both rough terrain and paved roads.

After a full charge, we had three hours of full-throttle use on some very mountainous off-road courses.

I can’t speak highly enough of it. And if you can’t decide between the Razor MX500 and this one, this one is superior in every way. It is also much larger than it appears.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike


  • Can ride all types of surface
  • Long life time battery
  • Rear brake for speed control


  • Can not support overload

9. Razor MX500 Dirt bikes

The Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket, which is essentially a scaled-down motocross bike with an electric motor, is excellent for kids who want to enjoy the dirt bike experience without breaking the bank.

Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Adult & Teen Ride On High-Torque Electric Motocross

The Dirt Rocket’s powerful 500-watt motor propels riders up to 17 miles per hour. The bikes can travel up to 10 kilometers on a single battery.


  • The Razor Dirt Rocket MX500 electric dirt bike includes foldable metal foot pegs and pneumatic tires measuring 16 inches up front and 14 inches down back to smooth out uneven terrain.
  • Soft rubber grips with twist acceleration control are additional elements for easy acceleration.
  • You will have hand-operated twin disk brakes that can instantly adjust the speed.
  • With the 36 V rechargeable battery, you may ride continuously for 40 minutes. It takes 12 hours to charge properly.
  • With a maximum rider weight of 175 lbs, an all-steel frame with true dirt bike geometry gives a solid off-road ride.

My Experience

This bike is simple to assemble and looks great when completed.

I bought this for my 10-year-old son’s birthday in May 2021, and he weighs 157 pounds.

He is not a small man, this model has NO problem pulling him around.

When they say 45 minutes, we go for two-hour dog walks, and this bike has kept up the entire time.

I really like this bike.

What I Like/Dislike About This Dirt Bike


  • Foldable metal
  • Long life time battery
  • Rear brake for speed control


  • Can not support overload


In conclusion, choosing the best dirt bike is a highly personal decision that depends on your riding style, experience, and budget.

The models mentioned in this article represent some of the top options on the market and are a great starting point for anyone looking for a reliable and high-performing dirt bike.

Regardless of which one you choose, be sure to invest in quality protective gear and take the time to learn the proper techniques for riding safely.

With the right bike and the right attitude, you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of off-road riding for years to come.


What is the best dirt bike for a beginner?
A 125cc two-stroke or a 250cc four-stroke is ideal for a beginner rider; heavier riders will need the suspension found in 250cc models. Riders weighing less than 150 pounds can handle 250cc bikes.

Is A 250 A Good Dirt Bike For Beginners?
If you are a beginner rider, the 4-stroke 250 will be much easier to handle than any other bike. A 2-stroke has so much power that a beginner may struggle to control the bike. A 4-stroke will be the ideal first bike for any rider.

Is A 125cc Dirt Bike Appropriate For Beginners?
For a beginner, a 125cc two-stroke or a 250cc four-stroke is ideal; riders weighing less than 150 pounds can handle bikes under 250cc, while larger riders will require the suspension found in 250cc models.

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