How To Ride A Dirt Bike: A Complete Step-by-Step Learning

Do you want to know how to ride a dirt bike?


Most riders want to start their riding mission with a manual gear system.

This implies that you will have to learn:

  • How to use the clutch on a motorcycle to pull away,
  • Shift gears,
  • Then come to a complete stop on the motorcycle.

Let’s read the guide to acquire all the details.

How To Ride A Dirt Bike?

Dirt bike riding is very dangerous for everyone. So, you will need to wear the necessary safety gear in order to ride the bike.

How to ride a dirt bike

This entails wearing:

  • A helmet, 
  • Goggles, 
  • Long underwear, 
  • Sleeves, gloves, 
  • And ankle-covering boots.

Having a bike that is the proper size for you is also crucial.

When you have everything you need, you can begin riding.

They are simple to locate and purchase from a variety of nearby merchants, including Amazon, eBay, and others.

To start, place your feet on the foot pegs and sit down on the bike.

The bike should then be started and given some time to warm up.

You can start riding once it has warmed up.

To accomplish this, open the throttle slightly before using your feet to propel yourself forward.

After that, all you have to do is keep accelerating and steering in the desired direction.

Then, when you need to stop, simply take off the gas and use the brakes.

7 Riding tips for beginners 

Today, riding motocross and dirt bikes is a well-liked sport.

Today, riding motocross and dirt bikes is a well-liked sport.

How to Dirt bike riding tipsride a dirt bike

Before you set off for your first ride on a dirt bike, it’s critical to comprehend the fundamental riding advice as more beginners consider buying their own dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes can be ridden in a variety of ways, including motocross, enduro, trials, freestyle, and supercross.

Anybody can enjoy these activities, as well as many more when using a dirt bike.

Let’s discuss the tips that will help you.

Learning a riding course 

It’s important to attend a safety riding course unless you have been riding dirt bikes since you were a little child.

Both the fundamentals of riding a dirt bike and the fundamentals of dirt bike safety are taught in these courses.

Most of the time, taking these courses lowers your insurance rate, which is crucial for a beginner rider becoming used to dirt bikes.

Additionally, you may be qualified for a motorcycle license class at the conclusion of some courses, and they would assist with that.

Practice Your Control Skills Off The Bike 

Before riding, it’s crucial to become familiar with the controls of the bike, especially if you haven’t taken a dirt bike safety course.

Start off by performing a full gear shift drill while off the bike.

Learn where neutral is and how to get there quickly.

Before using the footbrake, feel its location and the appropriate amount of pressure.

Learn How To Clutch

Learning how to utilize the clutch is crucial for new drivers because it is used to change gears.

Learn How To Clutch

It could be difficult for a novice rider to clutch. However, you can improve through practice.

A novice should be aware that timing your gear changes is crucial in dirt biking.

On the other hand, a clutch can help slow the bike down, especially during sharp and quick corners when downshifting.

Practice Acceleration 

Throttle control is as important to dirt motorcycles as gripping.

You could easily cause an accident if you don’t have good throttle control.

First, acceleration necessitates a tight grip since a slack grip results in a slower response time when forced to accelerate or decelerate quickly.

For acceleration training, you must select a large open area devoid of hazards. 

Begin by accelerating and decelerating smoothly. This improves throttle control and allows for more efficient throttle release.

Improve Your Body Control At Corners 

A newbie must also acquire basic body mechanics rather than depend solely on handlebars for turning techniques.

Improve Your Body Control At Corners

Learn how to throw your body weight around the bike for accurate turning.

You can accomplish this by moving more of your weight to the front wheel of your bike.

Because the tire is more embedded in the ground, you have more control over its direction.

Begin With A Smaller Bike

The best dirt bike for beginners is one with a 250cc engine. Additionally, it is simple to operate, especially on challenging riding terrain.

Even experienced riders who progress to more expensive motorcycles do so at first.

Larger, heavier bikes offer too much power for novice dirt bike riders.

They become more difficult to control, which wears out the rider and causes them to lose their balance.

So, smaller dirt bikes are more affordable and require less maintenance over time.

Where Do You Look forward?

Learning to ride a dirt bike takes time, especially if you’re committed to staying safe and mastering the appropriate techniques.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to form strong riding habits when you first start learning to ride a dirt bike.

Here are a few pointers to help the learning process move along a little bit more easily:

Watch Youtube Videos

We frequently learn new skills by observing others.

So it might help you to be confident in yourself if you watch the videos of some experienced riders.

You’ll be able to observe how to adopt the proper riding position and how professionals respond to their surroundings.

You must remember that, when you’re free of fear, the learning process will be much easier.

Book A Guide 

A guide can assist you in learning how to ride a dirt bike in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

The easiest trail should be chosen if you are a complete beginner.

They’ll be able to modify the tour to account for your inexperience and generally give you a basic orientation.

Take Advice From Local Riders

The motocross and dirt biking scene is one of the friendliest, and we’re always excited when someone wants to take up our adored activity!

There may be regional dirt bike organizations on Facebook or specific forums.

Safety Gear Should Be Worn

Purchasing the proper safety equipment will dramatically lower your chance of catastrophic, life-threatening injuries.

Safety Gear should be wear

The following are some items that we believe you should wear when riding your dirt bike.


This is the most crucial piece of dirt bike safety equipment.

Every time you ride a dirt bike, you must wear a helmet, which is even required by law in certain regions.

Helmets protect you against significant head injuries in the case of a crash; 

In fact, more than 60% of motocross-related deaths occur as a result of the rider not wearing a helmet.

Knee Braces

Knee injuries are extremely common among dirt bikers, so this is a no-brainer.

Wearing high-quality knee braces will prevent joint hyperextension and/or hyperflexion.


By wearing gloves, you can prevent friction burns and other injuries from the handlebars.

They also assist in shielding your hands from the vibrations of the bike, which can result in numbness.


This is yet another crucial piece of dirt bike safety equipment.

Rough routes are likely to include a lot of flying debris, such as rocks and dirt.

Wearing goggles prevents these pieces from striking your eye, which could result in infection, injury, or even blindness.

How to Ride a Dirt Bike

If you don’t know how to ride a dirt bike with a clutch, start here.

Riding a dirt bike

It’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to operate the fundamental controls on a dirt bike. The clutch, throttle, and brake are all included.

The following are the steps to riding a dirt bike with a clutch:

  • Get on your bike.
  • Begin the engine.
  • To avoid a lookout, move forward on the seat.
  • Engage the clutch
  • Shift into first gear.
  • Slowly release the clutch until the bike begins to move.
  • Apply a modest amount of throttle and slowly let out the clutch.
  • Once you’re traveling quickly enough to balance, raise your legs onto the footpegs.

Learning The Clutch 

The first important tip for riding is to improve clutch control.

The ability to use the clutch efficiently is critical in all sorts of dirt bike racing.

Begin in first gear and gradually release the clutch until you’re going.

Pull in the clutch and stop again once you’re traveling fast enough to put your feet on the pegs.

Continue until you can start and stop 10 times in a row without stalling.

Learning The Throttle And Clutch 

The efficiency of your throttle control is drilled down, similar to the first drill.

Practice starting and stopping with the clutch while using as little throttle as possible.

To slide the clutch as little as possible is the objective.

This keeps the engine from overheating while utilizing the engine’s torque to provide traction on the ground.

As your clutch and throttle control improve, you can increase RPM speed while bringing it back down again.


The final riding tip is a simple drill to improve front and rear braking.

This drill has a slightly larger danger of tipping over, but it’s crucial to learn your dirt bike’s brake capabilities and limits.

Front Brake 

At most, you only need to be in first or second gear.

Increase your speed until you’re traveling at a 10 mph slow speed. 

After then, gradually begin to apply the front brake and gradually increase your braking force until your bike stops.

Continue this drill, braking harder and harder until it becomes uncontrolled or the front wheel locks up.


The fact that you’re on two wheels is what makes dirt biking so unique and spectacular.

balance of a dirt bike

Riding a bike necessitates some balance, and the better your balance, the easier it will be to ride on rough terrain.

This riding tip is an addition to your clutch and throttle control drill, so it will significantly improve your skills on a dirt bike.

What Is The Best Dirt Bike For Beginners? 

This section may be a waste of time if you are a brand loyalist.

On the other hand, if you’re new to the world of dirt bikes, I’d recommend checking into KTM, Honda, or Yamaha.

Aside from the brand, there are some additional considerations to consider while shopping for used dirt bikes.

In addition to the engine displacement, consider whether the bike is two or four strokes.

A proficient rider will have mastered both stroke types. 

On the other hand, an inexperienced rider should avoid investing in a fast ride with frequent shifting and heavy kicks to the motor.


Now we are on to the finishing part!

Hopefully, we’ve answered your worries regarding how to ride a dirt bike and reassured you that it’s not tough at all!

Riding a dirt bike with a clutch may appear to be a difficult task when you first get on the bike.

A little work and perseverance will get you riding and shifting gears smoothly on your dirt bike.


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