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The Role of Digital Marketing Consultant in Business

In present days, the job of digital marketing consultant has become one of the most essential in the IT business.

A digital marketing consultant’s role is considered as a highly-skilled strategist and planner who may help an IT business achieve its company goals.

Digital Marketing Consultant

What Exactly Is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

An external adviser with proper marketing knowledge who provides in-depth marketing services like market analysis, marketing plan, marketing automation, and sales forecasting, etc.

The digital marketing consultant enables businesses to develop a strategy model that focuses on extensive assessment and a data-driven methodology.

Furthermore, the consultant may incorporate the advertising strategy and provide necessary guidelines for marketing operations, as well as a clear marketing plan.

The Rise of Digital Marketing Consultant

The growth of the digital environment expanded the number of media and platforms.

As a result, a generation of specialists emerged in social media, SEO, PPC, and content.

Over time, the consultation skills began to be divided by advertising networks, automation systems, and technologies.

As a result of this huge growth, digital marketing consultants now have a highly advanced work function and profession.

It’s tough to find 360 marketing consultants that understand strategic marketing while also having hands-on expertise in digital platforms including organic, performance, and campaign execution.

These skills require specialists with technical knowledge of optimizing and managing promotional campaigns for various brands and businesses.

Those are the ones who can call themselves digital marketing consultants.

When to Hire a Marketing Consultant?

Usually, businesses appoint a marketing consultant to assist them in getting a deep understanding of the market and their customers.

In certain situations, businesses are more interested in a third-party assessment for their marketing strategy & campaign results.

The criteria may differ depending on the type of the organization, the market, and the size of the company.

While the consulting requirement of each firm may differ, the marketing consultant’s qualifications and skills may vary depending on his area of specialization.

Small companies and startups:

Small companies and startups sometimes cannot afford to employ full-time marketing specialists and instead, they recruit fresher as they can afford it.

The startup can benefit from the assistance of a digital marketing specialist in developing its marketing plan.

  • Provide the required marketing strategy to promote the brand inside the target audience.
  • Foster the development of the business by delivering market analysis and a marketing plan.
  • Join a meeting to discuss advertising strategies and marketing methods.
  • Facilitate the creation of products and the design of the customer experience.
  • Implementing marketing channels, workflow, and technology stack.

Mid-size Business and Brands:

Dedicated marketing teams are common in mid-size enterprises and businesses.

There will always be shortcomings in the marketing strategy and assessment process at some point.

The following key goals can be accomplished by hiring a consultant:

  • Giving an external view and assisting in the assessment of internal issues
  • Enable the business to identify gaps and possibilities
  • Assist in the restructuring plan and enhancing overall productivity
  • Advising top management on advertising strategy
  • Provide a strategy for improving sales performance and return on investment
  • Enable the business to have access to expert knowledge that isn’t available inside the staff
  • Bring a new approach on the user persona and the market
  • Performing extensive marketing analysis and assisting with the setup of dashboard & reporting

Freelance vs Independent Consultant

While the two titles are nearly identical, there may be significant distinctions in the industry between freelance and independent consultants.

  • Freelance Consultant – is a professional marketing service provider who may have expertise in one or more marketing channels. This might include SEO experts to PPC, social media, content marketing, and other services. Freelance consultants usually operate on a contract basis and offer their service on sites like Upwork and fiverr.
  • Independent consultant – is a consulting business that has a well-established procedure and completely integrated capacities. The professional consultant has a stronger business experience and can provide 360º marketing advisory services. They’ve their own brand, resources, services, and hands-on project management expertise.

Must have Skills of a Marketing consultant

To be first-rate in the job of a marketing consultant, the professional must have six key skills.

Analyzing the Market:

The consultant profession needs deep knowledge about the target market and excellent market research abilities.

Analyzing the market requires not just prior experience, but also the capacity to conduct competitor assessments, analysis of the data, as well as brand evaluations.

Understand the Customer:

Conduct detailed research of the customer base is vital to successful digital marketing consulting.

Marketing process should be segmented and trends identified by the consultant.

Strategy Development:

The first step in developing a strategic plan is to align it with the company’s goals.

The ability to develop promotional strategies, create the processes, and set KPIs is the key for a successful marketing technique.

Content marketing, lead creation, remarketing and engagement, growth scaling, and tactical marketing are examples of marketing strategies that the consultant should be able to put up successfully.

Expertise in Digital Marketing:

While marketing channels have many categories and functions, the digital marketing specialist must master the most important platform.

Organic media like SEO, SMM, & Content Marketing, as well as sponsored media like PPC, Display ads, and Paid Social, must be included in the platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter).

Video marketing, email marketing, as well as viral marketing are just a few of the primary mediums to consider.

Dominate Technology:

Digital marketing runs on digital media, which requires the capability to audit, optimize, and manage.

The ability to evaluate and research into platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO tools is essential to provide professional consultancy services.

The digital marketing consultant must be able to assess and optimize programs that are either planned or in progress on every platform.

In recent times, the tech capacities have extended to incorporate marketing automation AI, CRMs, clouds, and CMS.

Managing Performance:

In the business field, data-driven strategies as well as marketing are in high demand.

The primary concept of marketing consulting is the implementation of sustainable KPIs and data analysis.

Any consultant should have advanced marketing analytics & data analysis skills.

Responsibilities of Marketing Consultant

Consulting, according to the Harvard Business School, involves more than just offering to advise.

They identified a wide range of activities and practices in a study of the concept of consulting.

The consultant’s primary obligations initially consist of various levels of commitments, starting from advice to process stability and constant improvement.

  • Providing detailed market, customer, competitor, and brand analysis
  • Identifying and addressing marketing issues
  • Applying audits and data analysis to find marketing improvement opportunities
  • Aligning marketing with business goals to improving processes & strategies for resources
  • Assisting with marketing and channel performance
  • Creating a data-driven & automated tracking system to maintain appropriate actions
  • Providing marketing training and educating the staff to avoid future issues
  • Ongoing marketing ROI and plan development help

Finally, digital marketing consulting services are mostly involved with boosting the marketing plan in order to maintain a good profit and ROI strategy.

It’s more about solving the business issues of when and why a company’s marketing operations need to be designed.

It’s a more complicated job than putting together a marketing strategy or platform.

Reko Ashikur Rahman


Reko Ashikur Rahman

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